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Design Build is a Mindset

Craig Custom Builders - Tuesday, September 06, 2016

As much as design-build is defined by a sole-source contract for design and construction services, design-build is also defined by the attitude of everyone involved in the project. In successful design-build projects, everyone makes the mental shift to think and act as a single entity.

Design-build is often compared to the concept of the master builder which existed in ancient times and into the Renaissance. Many of the great wonders of the world were created using this methodology. The master builder was not a contractor, an architect or an engineer. The master builder was the embodiment of all three disciplines. The master builder concept depicts the earliest model for delivering design and construction as an integrated service.

Toward the end of the Renaissance, design and construction began to separate. Individuals began to identify themselves as either designers or construction tradesmen. Guilds were formed. As the Industrial Age unfolded, specialization affected all aspects of western culture. Professional associations and societies came into being, further defining the separation between architects, engineers and contractors. Specialization continued to support more segregated project delivery models throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth century.

Over the years, the design and construction industry degenerated from a culture of cooperation, teamwork, trust and mutual respect to one of fragmentation and inefficiency. There are many historical reasons this happened, but in the past few decades, many organizations are making efforts to restore the design and construction industry to its collaborative roots. Design-build has thrived because owners see the need for change in the way projects are delivered.

Design-build is intended to be a highly collaborative, fully integrated process that is built on trust, mutual respect, teamwork, innovation and creative problem solving. Design-build unleashes the power of team to deliver projects faster, better and for optimum cost (best value for the money, time and effort invested). Owners find that when design-build is done right, their level of engagement with the entire team is more meaningful than is experienced with other project delivery methods. Across the country and around the world, design-build successfully delivers construction projects with superior results, regardless the project type.


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